At last – all our cherries are getting ripe and we can take more bookings for the week before Christmas.


Why book?

Booking guarantees you entry and gives you priority. It’s free.

It means you can plan to bring friends and know you will get in and find nice cherries. If  we have a weather disaster  we will let you know so that you can change your plans. If possible we will offer you another booking.

We have rows reserved for people who book.

A few days before your visit, we will email you an update about the quality of the cherries, the varieties for picking, and their prices.


Will there be cherries between Christmas and New Year?

We usually have lovely cherries between Christmas and New Year (Simones, Lapins, Vans and Sweethearts) as long as we don’t have a bad rain event.

To talk to us about your booking please email