All our cherries are the big, sweet dark cherries, sorry, we don’t have any white cherries.

  • Viola – a large, dark sweet cherry, great for eating. (Approx. November 26 until sold out)
  • Merchant – large dark early cherry, (Approx November 26 until sold out)
  • Stella – one of the first and best of the modern cherries. (Approx. Dec. 4 until sold out)
  • Summit  – very big with great flavour; hard to grow, but delicious. (Approx. Dec. 5 until sold out)
  • Bing – great flavoured big dark American cherry,good for cooking and freezing. Liable to split if there is even moderate summer rain (to the heartbreak of the owners). (Approx. Dec. 15 until sold out)
  • Van – a firm, nutty flavour, big and dark. (Approx. Dec. 20 until sold out).
  • Lapin – big, dark, one of the top export cherries. (Approx. Dec. 17 until sold out).
  • Simone – very similar to Lapin, ready a few days later. (Approx. Dec 20 until sold out).
  • Sour Cherries – Morellos. (approx December 20) These are grown for our cherry ice-cream.


The simplest way to preserve cherries is to rinse and stem them, then freeze them whole in plastic bags.  It is easy then to squeeze the stones out when they have de-frosted.


Sweet cherries: We recommend the Bings, as the best sweet cherry for cooking. They are featured in many U.S. recipes for cherry pie.

Sour cherries: give the best cooking flavour by far.

Sourcing sour cherries

Customers tell us of great sour cherries in Hungary and Iran, but they are not available in Australia. The best sour cherry available is the Morello cherry.  All of our sour cherries are fully committed for our cherry ice cream.

Other farms with sour cherries include:


BP Organic Cherry Farm,

Forest Range Cherries: